Open Studio 2017

november 4 and 5, 2017

14.00 - 19.00 hours

Vliegdenweg, 1406 MX Bussum, NL

Open Studio at the Hidden Artist Paradise

Dear artlovers, friends en family,

Our entire (hidden) street, de Vliegdenweg, better known as the Hidden Artist Paradise Vliegdenweg, welcomes you!

Several (international) artists such as Tinke Smith and Marjan Derksen, Life music of spectacular bands such as Govert Muys Blues Band and other well-known unexpected guests!, creative entrepeneurs, Classic cars and much more.

Let us inspire, warm, spoil and chalenge you. Delicious drinks and snacks, inspiration and of course a tour de troubadour along my paintings!

Please come and visit me, a colourful greeting,

Marjan Derksen

Detail 'the bridge -let me build a nest in your hair', 2017

Detail of "the bridge -let me build a nest in your hair" (2017)

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